Monday, December 1, 2014

Highs and lows

So let's see...  I still have mice in my ceilings.  I still have holes in my siding.  I got a quote to fix it, but it was "several boxes of ziti," as they say, so that will not be happening.  I also learned--or should I say WITNESSED--that the squirrels are squeezing their fat, furry bodies into my rodent bait stations and stealing the bait blocks!!!  I caught one in the act, tail hanging out one end, head out the other.  And later that same morning, I saw a (the same?) squirrel on my deck railing eating what I thought was an acorn... only to realize that, upon closer inspection, the acorn in question was actually a giant cube of pink poison.  That squirrel was in for a bad night.  The mice, on the other hand, are thriving.  Good times.  This is why I sleep with AmbiScience; to drown out the mammals.

On the painting front:  I started not just one, but TWO new pieces, largely in response to my last post here.  I figured that if being between pieces was such a downer for me, I should always have at least two pieces in the hopper in an attempt to eliminate that hellish inbetween period.  So--I sketched out two new paintings and I'm about a third of the way through painting one of them.  The other one is sketched and mounted but color free for now, as I haven't yet needed a break from the first one.  Here's a taste.  Sorry for the blur, but you get the idea:

I picked this one because, of course, the crazy chippy peeling paint scares the bejeezus out of me... but it's going kinda well, I think.  Progress has been pretty slow, but I've got a deadline in mind--another watercolor competition--so I really need to get it in gear.

In even more exciting news, I submitted two pieces to the local arts council's annual still life show and BOTH were accepted!  I'm fairly certain I was a little too excited about this when I received the phone call informing me of such, but what the hell.  It's my first official juried show acceptance as a late-blooming, second career artist.  I think that's worthy of some embarrassing excitement.  Equally as ego-boosting, I received an email blast about the show's opening reception today, and one of MY pieces is featured in the promo materials!  Woot!

AND Paul Pitsker followed me on Instagram and said that he liked my work... which he probably says to everyone, but I'm going to let myself believe that he really does like my work :)  He HAS made casual comments on some of my non-painting related IG photos afterall, so it does seem as though he is legitimately paying attention to my feed.  He is astoundingly awesome at watercolor.  I die.

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