Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I'm not very good at maintaining this blog. In fact, I'd really let things go there for a while, didn't I? But I didn't really care because I was pretty sure no one was visiting this site anymore and I didn't think that it mattered much.

I'm continuing to paint as often as I can; I continue to run my Etsy shop. I've done a few local art fairs and I have a few pieces on consignment at a local gallery. Things are moving along, however slowly. But recently, I lucked into joining a free 2-day online course (it's not free anymore, but you can still pay to watch it) by the talented Lisa Congdon on "Becoming a Working Artist." And among a million other highly useful topics addressed in the workshop, Lisa really hammered home the utility of social media for artists, as well as the importance of maintaining a personal blog. Oops.

I'm still very active on Instagram. After a year and a half, Instagram is still just as fun and inspiring to me as it was on day one. I tweet... occasionally--either to post pictures of works in progress or to comment on episodes of The Bachelor. I pin things like crazy, as I have for years, but mostly for my own personal interest and not really to pimp my work. But the blog? I didn't see the point. Or maybe I was just being lazy.

In any event, I'm going to try hard to change this. Reboot. I made a new banner; did you notice? :) And I stretched my techie abilities by adding a Portfolio page that includes a click-to-enlarge gallery of my current work. I wrote CSS, people! This is serious. I'm not brave enough to try switching to Wordpress or anything, but I'm working to modify my Blogger site as much as I can to make it a more pleasant viewing experience. Some day I'll figure out how to add captions to my gallery photos. That one is still stumping me. And I have no idea what to do when I run out of space on the page for the thumbnail photos... Deep breaths. One thing at a time.

So--back in the saddle! I started this blog to chronicle my creative journey after quitting my day job, afterall. I think I did a decent job of that in the beginning, but I've come a long way since I stopped posting regularly and I've only documented a tiny fraction of it. Let's see if I can start to change that.

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