Thursday, October 23, 2014

Not enough hours in the day

Ugh.  Thing 2 is home sick today, which means little- or no painting time for mama.

On average, it takes me anywhere from one to two months to finish a single piece.  Granted, I can't always carve out the time to paint every day, but I can usually manage a few hours.  My pieces aren't that big--my largest to date is only 14x20 inches--but they are all heavily glazed, often with as many as 20 layers, so it takes me a shockingly long time to complete even very small sections.

Yesterday I posted an in-progress shot of my current piece on Instagram.  I tagged it with all my usual art- and watercolor-related tags, and then spent a few minutes skimming all the other pics tagged to #watercolorpainting.

In the bunch was an obvious standout--a piece by the renowned Thomas W. Schaller, whose work I had already seen in a number of places, like several Splash editions and Watercolor Artist Magazine.  I clicked through to his gallery and was met with a massive stream of countless incredible paintings.  And I immediately felt inadequate.  Good God!!!  That is some prolific painting! 

I left a comment inquiring, jokingly, whether he was actually painting things as fast as he was posting them.  To my surprise, he replied rather quickly, stating that he usually finishes a piece a day.  !!!  A piece. A day.  The mind boggles.

Will I ever be able to do that?  Or does my style simply prohibit that kind of speed?  Am I overworking things?  Should I be able to achieve the same effect with less fuss?  Will I ever stop being this insecure?  Is Thomas W. Schaller ever insecure?

Sigh.  Off to play nurse to my sickie... and maybe spend two hours making some imperceptible progress on my current painting.  :)

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  1. If you are raising young kids, you will never have enough hours in the day. That will change when they move out, of course. Hang in there and enjoy the fact that you get a little bit of time every day to paint.