Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I'm not sure why I was so hesitant to jump on the Instagram bandwagon. 

I'm always weirdly skeptical when it comes to new technological applications.  I spent a very long time refusing to do any online banking.  I was late to Facebook.  Though I'd been enjoying blogs for many years, I didn't really know what RSS or blog readers were until this spring.  Shoot--I had an old Sprint flip phone (yes, the one with the strutting panda "screensaver") until mid-2011 and didn't get my first i- anything until 2012--and that was only because of my job.

I'm not scared of technology.  I can write in multiple statistical/programming languages and am comfortable working in unix, but for some reason I'm always a little slow to try the latest "new thing," especially when it comes to social media.

But I now know there was an Instagram-shaped hole in my life.

To say I am obsessed with Instagram would be an understatement.  I am THRILLED with it and could kick myself for not getting on board sooner.  It's like carrying a virtual sketchbook in my pocket.  A visual journal.  It's a way to capture the little square-shaped frames of everyday eye candy that I am always creating and cataloging in my head anyway--but now in a more concrete way.  And the inspiration... oh, the inspiration.  In only a few days, I have spent hours devouring the streams of others.  My mind is reeling with ideas (more on that later) and I'm so stupidly giddy over having this new creative outlet that I'm actually having trouble sleeping at night because of it. 

Does that make me weird? 

Anyway--nothing else of substance to share this week, as I'm too busy sweating my butt off at daily beach swim lessons with the boys, and then spending every other spare minute on Instagram (which is only a slight exaggeration).  I added a new widget to my sidebar over there that shows my most recent six posts.  Good times, though I'm obviously still in my honeymoon period with this, so maybe it'll wear off in another week or two.  Until then--InstADDICTED.

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