Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Flea

Although I live on a wooded acre that could conceivably be in the middle of nowhere, I'm actually just a few hundred feet from one of northern Long Island's major traffic thoroughfares, so I'm just a minute or two from the grocery store, the booze store, and the antique store.  Priorities.  Actually, I could probably walk to the antique store in about 5 minutes, which would be dangerous, except that "antique" stores out here aren't for the faint of heart.  Let's just say I'm not used to saving up for my vintage tchotchkes, so I pretty much never go.  It's for the best.

However a couple years ago, the antique store around the corner started doing a "flea market" in the parking lot on the first Sunday of every month in the spring and summer.  It was a little rough at first.  There were just a handful of vendors and the merchandise was... meh.  I even drove by a few Sundays without stopping in, which is really saying something, since I'm a total whore for flea markets.      

But boy have things changed.  Today, vendors completely encircled the building, with several offering some incredibly well curated tables of vintage and antique goodies.  Now I'm in trouble!  I could have easily dropped a few hundred bucks this morning if money were no object, but alas.  I kept myself in check and walked away with just a handful of new babies. 

First up--the fire boat.


I'm not a collector of vintage toys, so I don't have anything insightful to share about this particular piece, but I love it anyway!  I love the colors, and that hose of course!  I had been not-so-seriously looking for a vintage boat to put on the shelf in the boys' bathroom, and as soon as I saw this, I knew it was the one.

I've got a small collection of vintage cars and trucks on the shelves in Thing 2's room, so I asked if I could throw in this rusty little tin taxi with the boat, and here he is now.

And I finally got my third hand!  I've had the wooden artist's model for nearly two decades, and added the jadite one awhile ago... but two hands does not a collection make.  I know these ceramic glove molds are ubiquitous, but I think this one rounds out the trio nicely. 

Good grief.  Let's talk about how much my camera sucks again.  Actually, I took all of these with my cell phone, to be honest, because generally the Camera + app does a better job than my dented Canon ELPH.  Not so much in the hand pic, eh?  I know.  Sorry.  No amount of Smart Sharpen can help this.  If I'm going to keep this blogging thing up, I really do need to invest in something better so I don't keep accosting your eyes with my grainy photos.

I picked up one other item from the flea today, but I'll hold off on sharing that until I can get a photo that looks presentable.

So let's just say I were to get a better camera...  any suggestions?  I know painfully little about digital cameras.  I did successfully use a completely manual film camera in high school, so I figure if I could learn all that at age 16, I can handle a DSLR now... but there are so many options!  And I have so little money!  What's a good choice at the low end of the price spectrum?  Or would it be worth it to wait longer and save up for something better--go big or go home kind of thing?   

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  1. Look for a used canon 40D with a tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens. Great combo and if you can find the lens used as well, the total package would run around $650. There are much cheaper packages but you get what you pay for.