Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Search Terms

Recently, someone wound up at my blog by Googling, "Why can't I find any Land of Nod on Craigslist?" (If you're my mom and don't understand how I know this--Google Analytics provides me with a fun list of all the search terms employed by folks who end up landing at my site.  My favorites?  Currently a tie between "quit job as guidance counselor," and, "heart tree stomach.")

I got a chuckle out of the Land of Nod question, though, because look what I just found at the Salvation Army down the street--

It's one of the much discussed John W. Golden's framed By Order of the Management prints from Land of Nod!  And it's marked at $4.99!  It retails for just a little more than that

I did pick it up and carry it around with me for awhile, but I ended up putting it back to let someone else enjoy the score.  I can really only see this in a kids' bathroom, and it wouldn't work in mine, so...

It's not Craigslist, but it's close!  Reason number 1,000,001 to visit your local thrift store with as much frequency as you can possibly muster!

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