Sunday, May 19, 2013


Sorry for the delay.  Every spare second I've had recently has been consumed by either some event at my kid's school or THE FACT THAT MY CHILDREN SPILLED AN ENTIRE GALLON OF MILK ON THE BASEMENT CARPET.  Good times.

If this should happen to you, take note:  your standard store-rented carpet cleaner will not, I repeat, WILL NOT remove the copious amount of [now spoiling] milk that has saturated the padding below.  And if your house was built in 1960, do not be shocked if, upon cutting your carpet and removing the padding with a box cutter, you expose a bounty of asbestos-laden tile action below.

Sadly, more than a week later, it pretty much still looks like the photo on the right below.  Luckily, my concern for the aesthetics of my house does not extend to the basement at present.

So, where was I?  Oh yeah--remember the monthly flea market around the corner?  Here's the other item I brought home but didn't share in my earlier post.  A chessboard!  And a set of wonderfully architectural wooden chess pieces.

Chess is big in the Shea house lately.  Thing 1 attended an after-school chess program and actually brought home a tournament trophy, so it's been on heavy rotation ever since.  This board was seriously dirty, but I knew something good was hiding under all that tarnish.

No joke, I think I used a quarter bottle of Brasso on this thing.  The smell of Brasso fumes is so burned into my nose that I could smell nothing else for hours after I put everything away.  That's probably not good.  I also had to break out the big guns for this one--the toothbrush!

And look at these pieces!  I love the contemporary styling.  These are stamped "Made in Israel," so I'm guessing they're olive wood and probably hand carved.  I'm pretty sure they don't go with that board (the seller was indeed selling them separately, though I managed to get everything for the price of board) but I like them together anyway.

Ta da!  She cleaned up nicely, didn't she?  The kids are begging me to play with this, but so far I've resisted.  After the milk incident, I'm extra wary of letting them touch, well, ANYTHING of mine.   It'll pass, but so long as my basement carpet is still rolled into a heap--hands off mama's toys!

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