Monday, April 29, 2013

Walk Off

My parents are here visiting from Illinois, so I don't have time for my typical wordy post, but I wanted to get in some quick BEFORE shots before some much anticipated work begins here tomorrow!

Behold--my walkway:

Nice, huh?  And it hasn't even really started growing its annual mat of weeds yet either.  It gets so much better with time *ahem*  Good grief, I hate this thing.  I think it's sunk about 7 inches since we moved in too, which might be related to the fact that my children can't stop taking and throwing these pebbles all over the yard.  We've probably experienced a 70% pebble reduction in the last three years.  This doesn't help with the weed situation either.  I could probably weed this walkway twice a day, everyday, and still not keep up with the proliferation of unwanted growth here.

I also enjoy that black rubber edging, don't you?  I like the way it barely contains the mulch, so that when it rains, I have a mulchslide right into the walkway.  And here's the cherry on top:  my stoop.

Now THAT says, "Welcome," doesn't it? 

So, each year that we've lived here, we've "treated" ourselves to one small (though not small to us) upgrade.  First it was a handful of much needed new windows, then it was a ductless a/c unit, and this year--it's walkway time!  That stoop is getting ripped out and redone too.  I am stupidly excited.  Work begins tomorrow, but will take about three days to complete, so stay tuned for what will hopefully be some seriously improved AFTERs. 

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