Friday, April 12, 2013

Scooping Land of Nod Since 2007

Did you get a Land of Nod catalog yesterday?  Did you see the new art on page 61?  Love that "Retrobot Wall Art," don't you?  Yeah, me too.  John W. Golden is a fabulous digital illustrator.  In fact, Land of Nod has been selling his work for some time now--since early 2009, I believe.  That was when LON picked up his tin toy box art.

And not too long after that, they started selling his By Order of the Management series.  Now, in 2013, it looks like they've added his wind-up robots in red, green, and blue.  (As always, I could have these dates wrong.  If you notice anything amiss, please correct me in the comments!)

Yeah, I've got Boris too, with his wind-up walking action... except I first met him in 2007 and brought him home to live in Thing 1's "big boy room" in February of 2008, a full year before LON started selling this artist's work.  I actually found my way to Boris by using Etsy's "Shop Local" option.  At the time, we were living in Durham, North Carolina; John W. Golden calls Wilmington home, so he came up in my expanded local search.  The print has great color and kitschy vintage appeal, and was a perfect fit for my geeky little robot-voice-imitating 3-year old.  I bought the Astro Sonic Saucer box art print to go with it.  They are still in his room, five years- and two houses later.

No big deal... funny coincidence.  It's wonderful work and it's no wonder Land of Nod [and a huge list of other major retailers] noticed.

Except there was also the catalog I received on January 28th of this year.  Page 25.  Land of Nod calls this series their, "Rare Sightings Wall Art," and sells three different 14x19 inch canvases for $100 a pop.  I just happen to have five of these species prints by Amy Sullivan.  BECAUSE THEY ARE SO AWESOME.  They languished on my Etsy favorites list for about a year before my thoughtful sister-in-law purchased five of them for me--in 2011.  (Merpeople and Chupacabra available via Etsy, but not LON)

Sure, I have prints from Siiso and MaiAutumn too that predate their sale by Anthropology and West Elm respectively, but chances are I learned about those artists via some design blog or another.  I honestly don't remember anymore.  I probably can't take credit for those discoveries, but I stand by my Boris and Sasquatch picks.  Those were definitely all mine.  And I beat LON to the punch!  (Excuse me while I break my arm patting myself on the back)

So just in case you were wondering, Land of Nod, here is my most recent acquisition for a kid room in my house.  This is by Cassia Beck, of course--Car Park.

I really wanted this Funky Diamonds print by Melanie Mikecz of twoems to go with it, but I cheaped out and passed.  However, now that I flip through the LON catalog again, I see that she's already in there!

So given the topic, and the fact that I CAN'T STOP MAKING ETSY COLLAGES, I thought I'd throw together yet another roundup of favorites I think would be smashing in a kid's room (or in any room, for that matter).  Are you paying attention, Land of Nod?

Left to right.  Top: 1, 2, 3.  Middle: 1, 2, 3. Bottom:  1, 2, 3


  1. ALISA! I saw your link on JTs Facebook page. So happy to see you following your dream!

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