Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's a Girl!

I've had really good luck with "mommy groups," which I know is a gag-inducing term for many, but honestly--I can't imagine navigating this journey of parenthood without the support network of my real-life and virtual mama confidants.  I first joined an online mama message board when I found out I was pregnant with Thing 1, and now--nearly NINE years later--the group is still together and active. 

So of course when we moved to Long Island, I sought out something similar but local.  I needed a way to meet people in NY and find reasons to get the kids (and myself) out of the house.  I stumbled into a great group and, though my job has kept me away from most daytime activities, have gotten to know a lot of area mamas via the group's online forum. 

Lucky for me, it's through this group that I met Vera Mandizabal of Vera Mandizabal Photography, who actually wants to use my stuff in her photo shoots!  Go check out her work; it's fantastic.  Through Vera, my blue chevron chair made its official professional photography debut this past weekend, and the wheels in my head are turning about what kinds of photo prop project I can do next.

Here's the thing--to date, I've really only done work that was destined for my own home.  I also have two BOYS.  This particular house is somewhat coastal-inspired in its color palette and is mostly done in neutrals with a thread of blue throughout.  This means that I never really get to play with color outside of what's going on here, and I certainly never get to do GIRL stuff! 

Don't get me wrong… I love having boys.  The Mr. and I fist bump each other every time we're out in public and see a pre-teen girl wearing Daisy Dukes or a crop top.  TWO BOYS!  I may have cried in the ultrasound room with Thing 2, but now I thank heavens that I live in testosterone central.  That said, I *really* want to do a girly chair!

So check out what I found on Craigslist last week.  I love this baby.  The dark wood and forest green velvet is SO wrong for it.  Doesn't this shape scream GIRL to you?  I think it's so feminine and pretty, and the men's club chair look it's currently sporting is just the pits.  Besides--it was $15.  You cannot go wrong spending $15 on a chair.  And it's from Macy's, so at least I know it's vaguely well made.

I have never removed so many upholstery tacks in my life before.  I will probably be cursing this thing shortly and nursing several bleeding fingertips, but I'm hoping it's worth it.

And now the fun part--fabric and color!  The request I got from Vera was for bright colors and a spring feel, which is great because that's exactly where I was headed.  I think I've narrowed it down to three main fabrics (numbered below--one is WAY more $$ than the others.  Can you guess which?).  The really tough part will be deciding on what trim to use.  There will be visible staples on this chair, so I'll need to use either gimp (the "braided" looking trim below) or double cord welting to cover the nasty bits.  The Premier Prints stipes, dots, and chevron prints are options for the welting fabric.

I'm not sweating the chair color at this point.  I typically select fabrics and trimmings first and work out the paint color later.   So what do you think?  Door one, two, or three?  And what for the trim? 

Bring on the pink!


  1. I vote for #2 with the pink polka dot welting.

  2. I think #2 has a more modern feel to the flowers.

  3. My fave is 2. #3 reminds me of this horrific wallpaper we had to scrape off our bathroom walls FOREVER.

  4. I really like #1 with the green stripe for the trim, but if #2 is the winner, I think the orange braid trim would be fabulous for it.