Saturday, March 16, 2013

Etsy Combing: Nauticus

I'm from Illinois, so to be living in a cedar shake cape cod just a bike ride away from the Long Island Sound feels extremely... coastal.  There is a gravel parking spot at my house for a small boat (the previous owners had one); my kids take swim lessons at the beach; and there are mornings you can actually smell the salt in the air, especially if a trip to the bakery is involved, as it sits adjacent to the harbor.  It's all very foreign to me, but it's been a fun change of pace.

In an attempt to embrace my new surroundings, I've kept the color palette of this house to shades of sun, sand, and sea, but I've very intentionally stayed away from any direct beach/nautical references.  The whole "beach theme" thing can just go so terribly, terribly wrong.  And while I love quirky and eclectic art, I'm not a big fan of cheese, and--especially when you live on an island--there's an awful lot of horribly cheesy nautical stuff out there.

When it came to the boys' bath, though, I decided to go for it.  I fell in love with West Elm's bold navy striped shower curtain, which was practically begging me to find it some ship shape companions.  So I set out on an Etsy voyage to find as much non-cheesy nautical art as I could.  Here are some of my favorites (and yes, one of these did end up in the boys' bathroom):

Left to right, starting with the top row:

1. untitled 26 giclee print, Tracey Kafka (tkafka)
2. Whales canvas poster, ARMINHO
3. Ocean Liners--print, Jane Rover
4. New Shores--archival print, Sweet William "In order to discover new lands one has to lose sight of the shore."
5. High Seas--print, Sweet William
6. Summer of '29--print, Jane Rover
7. Passing 2--encaustic collage, Janelle Lile
8. Calm Blue Sea--gradient embroidery hoop art, Kelly Flegal (TheChestofDrawers)
9. Framed folk art print, Stephen Skurnick (Travois Goods Co.) "Set your course by the stars not by the lights of every passing ship."
10. Sea glass beach finds abstract watercolor painting, Louise van Terheijden
11. Maine Summer--archival print, Jennifer Judd McGee (Swallowfield)
12. Anchored ship linocut block print, Sappling


  1. hey, thanks for including my collage in your post! gorgeous collection, not too over-the-top beachy :)

  2. Absolutely! Yours is one of my favorites of the bunch. Definitely too nice for me to put in the kids' bathroom, though ;) I need more wall space. Or a second house. LOL