Saturday, March 23, 2013

Brain Addendum

I know I've been a little heavy handed with the Etsy finds lately, but I'd be remiss if, after my previous post on brain art, I didn't share this most recent find. 

Holy cow do I love love love this giclee print of an original ink drawing by Angela Willetts of The Ink Pot on Etsy (bottom right is the brain).  It is beautiful and I must have it... just need some time to absorb yesterday's massive car-related shellout, and this one is next on my purchase list for sure.

My brother is actually a gut surgeon, so I can see some gifting possibilities with maybe the stomach as well.  If only there were a colon to go with it!

Clockwise from top left you have:  kidney, heart, brain, and stomach.  Angela also has some seriously beautiful jar-based specimens (no, really--beautiful) and petri dishes as well.  Highly recommend.  You can also find her here.

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