Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Boys' Bath Budget Update

As I mentioned before, I finally did something about the boys' bathroom!  It only took me three years.  I'm obviously not very speedy and/or I have a high tolerance for hideousness in bathrooms.  Actually, if you saw my master bath, you'd realize that the second half of that statement is undoubtedly true.  I also had pretty much no budget for this, which defnitely contributed to my lack of speed and motivation.

Because of the no budget thing, replacing any of the major components in this bathroom was out of the question.  The acrylic tub/shower combo had to stay, as well as the throne, the vanity, and the tile floor.  But there was just no way I was going to keep that awful cultured marble sink, and those genie-in-a-bottle faucet handles had to go.  The light fixture was actually rusting in places and the miniblinds were gray with age and filth, so those had to be chucked too.

Lucky for me, my corporate big daddy employer had a lovely employee rewards program in place, and over the years I had hoarded about $300 worth of gift cards.  Free stuff!  As a result, all of the hardware, the medicine cabinet, and the lighting were procured from Amazon and are courtesy of the Man.

I'm not going to link or otherwise identify any of the stuff in the pictures below because I'm feeling lazy, but if you're dying to know a source for any of it, just go to my "Boys' Bath" Pinterest board.  Every element of this bathroom--plus some ideas I didn't end up using--is pinned there and can be clicked for source info.

Here's the zero effort before:

I will admit to hiring painters for this one.  Although the previous owners had recently expanded this bathroom with a dormer, they did not put in an exhaust fan.  They also must have taken a steaming hot shower immediately after painting the walls and ceiling of this room, as the [Sears] paint was bubbling and blistering like the victim of a bizarre tropical disease.  I've never seen anything like it and I was just not up for dealing with it.  I got a winter lull special from Certa Pro and treated myself to a post-holiday gift.  The color is BM Manchester Tan again.  Manchester Tan makes many appearances throughout my home.  It's such a great modern neutral.

The vanity top was my biggest splurge at around $300 from Home Depot.  It's Swanstone and I love it--not only because it has a rectangular bowl, which is super cool, but also because the finish is completely matte.  The faucet, from, was my inspiration for all of the hardware in the room.  The bath hardware is Moen and the PERFECTLY MATCHED knobs are something I found after several days of relentless knob-stalking online.  Can you believe how perfect those are?  I'm very proud of that little discovery.  The main towel racks are hidden behind the door, which is why there's this weird lack of towels in these photos.  Trust me--there's hanging space in here.  It just wasn't exciting enough to photograph in full.

I painted the vanity Annie Sloan's Cocoa and then applied several coats of clear wax.  I have a love/hate relationship with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I am *not* a fan of the shabby look and I generally don't like to see brush strokes.  Both of these things are somewhat incompatible with ASCP... yet I've had good luck applying it to heavily grained wood pieces, which makes no sense whatsoever, but there you go.  This vanity was no exception.   The coverage was great and while you can still make out the grain (which I actually like) you can't really see brush strokes.  I knew I wanted a wax (vs poly) finish for this, so ASCP just seemed the way to go, and I'm happy with how it turned out.

I went on and on about the curtains here.

I *love* that barnwood shelf.  I actually bought two of them and had intended to stack them, but the chunkiness of the shelf IRL was greater than I had expected, and hanging two just seemed like too much.  They also weigh like 18 pounds each and I have a fair amount of paranoia about one falling off the wall onto the toilet water supply, thereby flooding our house... because of course we'd be gone while this was happening.  I have a major plumbing-mishap-and-leak phobia.

And there's the nautical art that made the cut!  The shells are actually things that my boys really did scavenge from the beach here over the past couple years.  I had some internal debate about whether putting shells next to nautical art was just too over the top, but they're small enough that I think I like them there.

What do you think?  The nautical theme is tastefully subdued, is it not?  I didn't go nuts with it or anything.  Not bad for a <$500 update, huh?   

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  1. Fabulous as usual. My favorite element of the whole thing is the floating ship print.

  2. Aw, shucks! :) Thanks for the feedback, T!

  3. I love the square sink and vanity paint job. I don't know much about chalk paint so we should discuss!

  4. love the simplicity and modern lines...great job!

  5. I love your bathroom update! I absolutely love the faucet - what a great Overstock find!!

  6. Thanks so much, Kris and Kasia!

  7. Hey guys, I just installed a new bathroom vanity so I don't have a use for this. But I thought I'd share in case any of you do! Cabinets To Go (who I got my vanity from) is actually giving away a free bathroom vanity. Just click the link: and vote for which vanity you want. Then you're entered to win that exact one...pretty easy! GOOD LUCK :))))

  8. Not bad at all! Love the barnwood shelf too.